The following are websites created and maintained by Linkscreen. Clicking on a sample will whisk you off to that website so you can do your fine-tooth-comb thing…

Vicki L Morley Fine Arts

Florida and Wisconsin-based watercolor artist Vicki L Morley showcases her paintings in galleries and sells prints, originals and greeting cards online.

Kailua Canoe Club

This non-profit organization use its website to keep members informed about club activities, racing schedules and membership forms and payment.

Family of the Canoe

A companion website to a book written by one of the original members of the Hōkūleʻa, Hawaii’s first canoe to replicate the way early Hawaiians navigated the Pacific.

Friendship Garden

The website for windward Oahu’s Friendship Garden provides detailed information, history, and photos for visitors to this public garden.

Frontier Tastes and Tales

A companion website for a popular syndicated television series based in Colorado. This a good example of a simple, one-page website.

Hawaii Pacific Gerontological Society

This non-profit organization is made up of companies, groups and organizations who specialize in the health and well-being of Hawaii’s senior population. The website showcases events, seminars and activities for HPGS members.

Island Driver TV

This is a companion website to the popular Hawaii television program and gives in-depth information about segments seen on the broadcast.

Generations Magazine

This is the companion website to Hawaii’s preeminent publication for seniors. Built on WordPress, it has a massive database of all past magazine issues and utilizes a dynamic calendar to showcase events.

Steve’s Gardening Service

On his website, Steve lays out his services clearly and describes his work in detail – giving prospective customers detailed insight into his business.

Dr. Deryll U. Ambrocio Medical Practice

Dr. Ambrocio is a specialist in rheumatology and infusion services. His website provides patients and prospective patients with his practice but it also gives them an easy place to go to find forms and FAQs.

Loretta Ables Sayre, Actress

Tony Award nominated actress Loretta Ables Sayre uses her website primarily as a “calling card” to fans and prospective producers. She uses a rotating slide show of headshots to welcome visitors.

Kamehameha Lions Club Foundation

The Kamehameha Lions Club and associated Foundation use their website as an informational resource for members, as well as keeping an archive of club activities.

Kaimuki Business & Professional Assn.

Members or prospective members of the KBPA use their website to announce meetings, events, and projects and provide registration forms and information for participants in the annual Kaimuki Christmas Parade, a KBPA initiative.

Joe Dallin, Author

Author Joe Dallin uses his website as a companion to his book, “Perfect, The Journey of a Gay Mormon.” The website provides a repository of information helpful to young people who may also be trying to work through similar issues.

Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame

Although not originally designed by Linkscreen, Mahlon maintains the site that includes over 130 individual bios on inductees into the Hall of Fame. The site also provides event and donation information for this non-profit.

Hawaii Spa Association

As an association of luxury spas throughout the Hawaiian Islands, the Hawaii Spa Association keeps members informed on events, educational opportunities and other related activities.

Hawaiian Image Media Productions

This simple website provides prospective clients with an overview of the many aspects of television production performed by Hawaiian Image. It includes clips from past projects and future productions.